Mosquitos, The Worst Pest In The World - Exterminating Montgomery Alabama
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Mosquitos, The Worst Pest In The World - Exterminating Montgomery Alabama

What if I told you vampires were real? Not the ones that you dress up as for Halloween or the ones you read about in books, but rather, a real bloodsucker that doesn’t fear the night or daylight. There is such a despicable creature and it lives all throughout Alabama. But it’s not a vampire…it’s your common mosquito. Although this comparison is extremely exaggerated, mosquitos are known to make us lose our tempers, cancel plans, and at times get sick. We have all had a couple of nights ruined by mosquitos, despite taking every precaution, like bug spray or bamboo torches. Sometimes it can seem like neither tactic comes close to slowing them down. The nights that were going to be spent outdoors end up being spent inside. Mosquitos are relentless during the summer and will keep trying to feed no matter what.

Small, Dangerous, and Contagious

To most people, mosquitos are the most hated summertime pests. Not only do they ruin summer plans, but they can transport several complex diseases. At this point, mosquitos go beyond being just a nuisance to a full-blown public health concern. This summertime pest is known to carry malaria, West Nile Virus, yellow fever, and Zika—diseases that truly have lasting health consequences if not properly treated. Before mosquitos become more and more prevalent, it is imperative that you take the necessary precautions to ensure these pests don’t ruin your summer fun. We believe that the best form of treatment is to take care of the problem all together with exterminating in Montgomery Alabama. Why put up with irritating bug bites and cancelled nights on the porch when exterminators can kill and prevent mosquitos. If you are sick of your summer nights being ruined, it’s time to rely on the dependable services of exterminating in Montgomery Alabama. 

Hit The Road Mosquitos

Summer in the south is the best time in the world. No school, sweet tea, and barbeques are what make summer great. Do not let you and your family be robbed of these amenities by an infestation of mosquitos. When it seems like mosquitos are ruining every minute spent outdoors and dominating your schedule, then it’s time for exterminating in Montgomery Alabama. You are not only saving yourself from a minor nuisance, but you are preventing the spread of harmful diseases. Go you!

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What a blessing Jimmy Harper is!!! Need pest or termite control do call Target Pest Control - he has kept our home clear for 20+ years  


--Ellie Ficken, Montgomery, AL

Target Exterminating is the BEST. I have been using Target for many years. During all the years associated with them I can honestly say I have enjoyed their work performance and work ethic. They are honest and very dependable.I totally appreciate all they do for me.

Brenda McDonald
Property Manager

Foshee Management Company has been doing business with TARGET EXTERMINATING for over 20 years. They have always been dependable, honest and trustworthy. We have only high praise for the services provided by this wonderful company. We highly recommend Target to multi-family communities and residential residences as well.


Donna Chumley
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The professionals at Target Exterminating and Lawn Care are the benchmark for customer service. We have always received prompt, personal and courteous attention that consistently exceeds our expectations.


--Brenda Hellums

I can't say enough good things about Target Exterminating and Lawn Care . Jimmy & Susan Harper & their staff are honest, reliable and professional. I have been a customer for 24 years. They are certainly a family, Christian business that you can count on.Anyone that I have ever referred to Target Exterminating and Lawn Care has always called to thank me & tell me how happy they were!


--D Chancey

We have been clients of Target Exterminating for over 15 years. Their professionalism and quality of service are unbeatable. They are reliable, extremely knowledgeable and quick to respond when you have a question or concern. I would highly recommend them to anyone!  


--Krissie Womble, Montgomery, AL

Excellent service, very responsive, and will go the extra mile to help a customer. A great family-owned business!


--River Region Rentals, 2019