Investing in Pest Control Services in Montgomery, AL Will Make Your Life Easier
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Investing in Pest Control Services in Montgomery, AL Will Make Your Life Easier

Nobody likes pests. Part of what makes something a pest is that it is destructive and makes your life harder. This is where pest control services come in handy. The purpose of these services is to prevent an infestation from happening or to eliminate one from your home so you can finally relax and no longer have to worry about it.

Pest control services in Montgomery, AL will improve your life by eliminating the following:

1. Those Annoying Ants

Though I don’t recommend that you call pest control for your annoying Aunt Sue, it is very important to seek help if you notice an infestation of ants of the insect variety in your home. While they may not seem as directly dangerous as bees and wasps, ants can cause many serious problems for you and your property. They can spread around bacteria and even gnaw on furniture or the wood in your walls. Some ants can even short out electronic devices. You will notice a weight off your shoulders after you contact pest control services to kick these little buggers out of your house!

2. Creepy Crawlers

Does anyone like spiders? No one, right? They are just gross and they lay egg sacs with hundreds of eggs in them. They crawl around and bite you when you least expect it. So when your spidey-senses are tingling, make sure to call your friendly neighborhood spider-men!

3. Fleas, Flies and ‘Skeeters’

Fleas, flies and mosquitos are probably the most common bugs that you will see around your house on a daily basis. While most people just think of them as a mild nuisance rather than a threat to their livelihood, they can actually be very dangerous if you have an infestation. All three of these pests are known to carry diseases of different kinds. It’s just best to have these frequent fliers (and jumpers) evicted as soon as possible. You won’t have to keep that fly swatter in your back pocket anymore either!

4. Darn Roaches

Roaches are simply disgusting. Not only can they harbor viruses and spread diseases, they also like to scavenge for dead flesh in the night and lay lots of eggs. They can easily grow to large numbers undetected because they are nocturnal. If you start seeing them in the day time, you shouldn’t just flush a couple of roaches and move on, because there are likely many more where they came from. Call pest control services in Montgomery, AL and you won’t have to worry about roaches for long.

5. Stingy Thingies

Wasps are some of the most physically painful pests to have a problem with. They can also be very dangerous if you are allergic. If you notice a hive somewhere on your property, your first thought might be grabbing a broom and smashing the hive. DON’T BE STUPID!! Smashing the hive will only infuriate the wasps and you will likely end up nursing wounds and pulling out stingers for days. Call for pest control services in Montgomery, AL and you’ll never have to worry about stinging pests again!

Target Exterminating and Lawn Care can take care of all of the above unwanted visitors and more! There is no better place to look for pest control services in Montgomery, AL than Target Exterminating. 


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What a blessing Jimmy Harper is!!! Need pest or termite control do call Target Pest Control - he has kept our home clear for 20+ years  


--Ellie Ficken, Montgomery, AL

Target Exterminating is the BEST. I have been using Target for many years. During all the years associated with them I can honestly say I have enjoyed their work performance and work ethic. They are honest and very dependable.I totally appreciate all they do for me.

Brenda McDonald
Property Manager

Foshee Management Company has been doing business with TARGET EXTERMINATING for over 20 years. They have always been dependable, honest and trustworthy. We have only high praise for the services provided by this wonderful company. We highly recommend Target to multi-family communities and residential residences as well.


Donna Chumley
Regional Property Manager Foshee
Management Company, LLC

The professionals at Target Exterminating and Lawn Care are the benchmark for customer service. We have always received prompt, personal and courteous attention that consistently exceeds our expectations.


--Brenda Hellums

I can't say enough good things about Target Exterminating and Lawn Care . Jimmy & Susan Harper & their staff are honest, reliable and professional. I have been a customer for 24 years. They are certainly a family, Christian business that you can count on.Anyone that I have ever referred to Target Exterminating and Lawn Care has always called to thank me & tell me how happy they were!


--D Chancey

We have been clients of Target Exterminating for over 15 years. Their professionalism and quality of service are unbeatable. They are reliable, extremely knowledgeable and quick to respond when you have a question or concern. I would highly recommend them to anyone!  


--Krissie Womble, Montgomery, AL

Excellent service, very responsive, and will go the extra mile to help a customer. A great family-owned business!


--River Region Rentals, 2019