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Termite inspection and termite pest control company in Montgomery AL

Termites are sometimes called the “silent destroyer” because of how they will burrow into the foundations of houses and may go unnoticed for extended periods of time before they are ever detected.

Termites are detritivores, which means they eat dead plants and trees. This is why the wooden parts of house foundations, furniture, and even books are the prey of this tenacious pest.



Termite Treatment 

Your home is the biggest investment that you are likely to make. Don’t let termites ruin that big investment with their destructive eating habits! Let Target Exterminating and Lawn Care eradicate this threat before it takes your home away in its thousands of tiny little mouths.
  1. Termiticide application – If it’s a subterranean infestation, we will put termiticides in the soil in order to build a protective barrier around your home and deal with any termites that are already there.
  2. Liquid Insecticides – Bait stations may not work rapidly enough to fix a more severe infestation already in progress. In these cases, liquid insecticides can be used to treat problem areas.
  3. Prevention – Despite the effective methods available for treatment, prevention is the best way to deal with termites. This will be a multipronged approach that will require assistance from the homeowner. It may involve moving extra food sources like woodpiles and sources of moisture. Construction repairs like fixing roof leaks and plumbing may be necessary as well.
Using a variety of treatments together will give you the best chance of success. Contact Target Exterminating and Lawn Care in Montgomery, Alabama to see what will work best for you.

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--Ellie Ficken, Montgomery, AL

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Brenda McDonald
Property Manager

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Donna Chumley
Regional Property Manager Foshee
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